Fits like a glove.

Felix StretchWrite iPad Stylus cover covering pens and pencils

With its clever design, StretchWrite adds a comfortable soft-grip to your pen or pencil while instantly turning them into a high quality iPad stylus.

Drawing with StretchWrite iPad Stylus by Felix

Paper and Pixels.

Effortlessly transition from sketching with your favorite pencil, to drawing on your tablet or tapping away on your phone. StretchWrite's patent-pending design offers a thin-wall, hollow point stylus nib for an excellent digital experience, while the soft silicone grip brings comfort to your favorite writing instrument.Installation instructions for StretchWrite iPad Stylus by Felix

A Comfort Fit.

Simply pull StretchWrite over your pen or pencil for an incredibly comfortable writing experience.

2 Per Order Each order comes with 2 StretchWrite in two different colors.
Colors Red + Gray, Blue + Pink
Compatibility Fits over most writing instruments. Works with all touch-sensitive screens.
Attachment Stretch over your pen or pencil, inserting the writing tip through the StretchWrite end with a hole.
Please note Product details may vary from images.