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Felix embodies something my parents taught me early in life — that happiness is a choice. That "choice" is something we bake into every product we create, all while having a lot of fun in the process. After all, Felix is Latin for "happy."

At Felix, we bring clever ideas to life. Ideas that help people use technology. Most of our ideas are relatively simple. Simple is something we take seriously, actually. Because most of the best things in life aren't complicated. They're easy to use and they make life more fun.

Felix isn't a person. It's something inside all of us. Find yours.

Chris Michaud


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Simple Ideas

A simple solution is always the most elegant

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Fashion is just as important as function

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Products are “smile tested” before going to market

Felix Design All-Stars

Jung Tak Smiling

Jung Tak

Jung Geun Tak loves using his talent to make people's lives easier, and a bit more fun, when he's working with Felix. Jung has designed many award-winning products, including an IDEA Silver award for OLPC (One Laptop Per Child), an IDSA Design of the Decade Bronze award, 2010, and is currently serving as the Lead Designer for the Leverage Freedom Chair, an innovative wheelchair that has won a Spark Gold award, 2010, IDEA bronze award, 2011, and Red Dot, 2011. Not surprisingly, Felix has been added to the list of his admirers for his crazy level of talent. 

Kevin Young Smiling

Kevin Young

To say Kevin is passionate about design is an understatement. As a designer, he has a singular focus - to create products people fall in love with. Kevin's near obsession has garnered him many accolades, including 10 IDEA awards, 2 ID awards and 2 Red Dot awards, as well as the sincere admiration of the team at Felix. When he's not sweating the details of a new product, Kevin has been known to flip people, the most impressive of which was a 6' 2" 220lb. Austrian who landed without significant injuries. (Yes, he has flipped a few of us as well - it's pretty fun.)

Will Thomas Making Funny Face

Will Thomas

Will enjoys working with brands that share his ethos: work hard, have fun, and do the right thing. Since trekking out to the East Coast from the humble Midwest, Will has been able to bring his enthusiasm for designing memorable and significant brand experiences to a multitude of challenges. Whether designing packaging or billboards, Will brings an unprecedented amount of passion and optimism to any problem that needs solving. Will's passion is a big part of why we love him at Felix; that and his mad talents. We've also been duly impressed by how much pizza he can consume.