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Color options for Felix HoldTight bands iPhone 5 casesWith HoldTight Expansion Packs, you can add even more versatility to your HoldTight (HoldTight case sold separately). Each Band Pack comes with 2 Plates and 14 Bands in total (colors combinations shown below), allowing you to easily change out the look and function of your iPhone 5 cases.

How it works.

Simply adjust the bands on the Back Plate to the desired pattern and snap it into the HoldTight frame prior to attaching HoldTight to your phone.Ideas for iPhone 5 cases using HoldTight Bands by Felix

What's included

Each Expansion Pack comes 2 Back Plates and 14 Bands, as pictured.


Polycarbonate Plates with Silicone Bands.


Available for HoldTight 5 for iPhone 5/5s and for HoldTight 6 for iPhone 6/6s. Please be sure to order by your phone generation.

Patent Protection

HoldTight Bands are Patent Pending.

Please note

Product details may vary from images.