Check Out the Products for Kindle July 14 2015

Felix means “happy” in Latin, and our goal is to create products that simplify life and create happiness. At Felix we are constantly developing new accessories and improving ones that exist. We strive to advance with technology along with pleasing our great tech-loving customers.
The Kindle is the ideal product for lovers of technology and lecture. These products created for Kindle are lightweight and versatile design for business, travel, leisure, and more.    
The MonkeyDo is a simple and cute way to hold the kindle. Priced at $19.99, this product is adaptable to different devices and positions, and it comes in black with red. Guarantee a smile with the MonkeyDo, the perfect add-on to personalize a tablet and minimize straining hands and necks.
The TwoHands is a Kindle Fire Stand design to allow you to perfectly position the angle for your device. The Kindle Fire Stand is a slim profile that easily fits into your bag for ultimate portability. The stand comes in white with green, red, blue, pink or black and is price at $24.99.
Priced at $49.99 the WriteOn creates a new world for the Kindle, as one of the world's thinnest and lightest keyboards available today. WriteOn is embedded with Bluetooth technology, smart energy management and spacious keys.
In addition to all these great products, enjoy free domestic shipping in orders over $24.99 and 30-day money-back guarantee. To learn more about all the incredible accessories of Felix Brand, like the iPhone Cases, contact us at 617-800-9743 or email us here.

Check Out the Products for Galaxy July 09 2015

At Felix we are obsessed with technology and that is why we keep growing and expanding our products to adapt them to the everyday innovations. Some of our best selling products are now available for Galaxy like the WriteOn, SmallHands and MonkeyOh.
MonkeyOh is a creative and cool holder to conveniently charge your phone, so take a stand against cord clutter and never worry again to find the charging cable. The MokeyOh comes with flexible arms to adapt it for different positions. In addition it’s perfect for watching videos or movies, features including FaceTime and Skype with family and friends.  
Another great option to hold the Galaxy in a plane, car, kitchen, bed and more is the SmallHands. Simply squeeze, clip, and tilt to the desired angle to enjoy. The SmallHands is made in green, red, blue, pink, black and white to match them with your phone case.
The WriteOn is one of the world's thinnest and lightest keyboards available today. It works thanks to the Bluetooth incorporated in the system, and is the perfect companion for workers and students that want to write everything in the Galaxy. In addition the WriteOne offers smart energy management, spacious keys, shortcuts, and much more.   
To learn more about all the products available for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, Galaxy, and Kindle visit Felix’s website or contact us at 617-800-9754. Remember that the shipping is free with orders over $24.99!