Learn more about the StretchWrite July 09 2015

Did you know that Felix means “happy” in Latin? At Felix we have the vision to change complicated things in the everyday life into simple but creative ideas in order to make more fun life. All of our products are created to match with modern technology with the perfect combination between style, functionality, and convenience.  
The StretchWrite is a product design to get the most out of touch screens. Perfect for tech lovers this is a convenient and comfortable way to hold a pen or pencil while instantly turning them into a high quality writing product for all touch-sensitive screens. The StretchWrite is available just for $9.99.
This amazing product comes in black with red, gray, blue or pink. Just need to stretch over the pen or pencil, inserting the writing tip through the StretchWrite end with a hole. Easily switch between a notebook and tablet and don’t miss any second of the information.
In addition at Felix, we are responsive to the latest trends and developments in the market. We can always offer great products like the FlipWrite, WriteOn, FlipBook, RoadShown, HoldTight case and more iPhone covers and iPhone cases. Always having the latest and greatest in aesthetics, versatility and utility.
To learn more about all the products available for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, Galaxy, and Kindle visit Felix’s website or contact us at 617-800-9754. Remember that the shipping is free with orders over $24.99!