Amazon Announces the $50 Fire Tablet September 23 2015

Apple only recently announced its new iPad tablets, but the tablet market is about to be disrupted thanks to the company's rival Amazon.  The Kindle remains a popular option among Amazon shoppers, especially those who subscribe to its Prime service.  With the company's massive collection of books, video, music, and an app store, the Kindle Fire remains a top competitor and with the announcement of the new Fire, Amazon may have a winner on its hands this holiday season.

The Amazon Fire tablet (the Kindle name has been dropped) doesn't come with specs that are all that impressive on paper, but Amazon managed to price it for the unbelievably low price of $50.  With eight gigabytes of storage on board, the amount seems rather paltry, but the Fire tablet can support MicroSD cards with up to 128 gigabytes of storage, dramatically boosting the amount of space available.  The tablet is geared towards customers who will be using their device largely for reading purposes, although it does have full access to Amazon's apps and video library.

The $50 Fire tablet arguably competes directly with Apple's pricier iPad Mini, which starts at a much more expensive $269, but does have better specs.  If you plan on using the Fire tablet lightly to read or would like an inexpensive tablet for your child, the Fire tablet could be an option that's also much lighter on your pocketbook.

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