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Felix's 4 Day 20% Off Sale July 21 2015

Everyone loves a good bargain and Felix Brand is no different. For the next 4 days we will be running a special Felix Brand promotion, where shoppers will receive 20% off ALL of our products on the site, and as always domestic orders over $24.99 will also be eligible for free shipping. So hurry while supplies last, as the sale is only until Friday July 24th, 2015.

At Felix, we bring clever ideas to life. Ideas that help people use technology. Most of our ideas are relatively simple. Simple is something we take seriously, actually. Because most of the best things in life aren't complicated. They're easy to use and they make life more fun. As a design company, our products are offered with a variety of colors and customization options, for instance our “HoldTight Cases” come in a variety of color combinations and various band designs, making this product a great choice for our customers, and with 20% off of each product, you can get more than 1.

Our affordable, durable, fashionable cases are designed to protect your mobile devices from bumps, drops, and scratches while also being functional, the bands that are attached to the case can be laid out in various ways that will enable you to hold headphones, cash, public transportation cards, and many other items that you may need to carry.

With our 30-day, money-back guarantee, no questions asked, the Felix Company is not only a stylish, customer friendly brand, but an affordable one as well. To learn more about Felix’s vast assortment of iPad Covers, cases, stands, and more, contact us at 617-800-9754 or message us here.