What's New in iOS 9.1 October 28 2015

It's been a little over the month since the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were released to great fanfare and outstanding sales. These new models launched with iOS 9, the latest iteration of Apple's mobile operating system that runs on iPhones and the iPad. After a couple of subsequent releases designed to fix bugs and improve overall performance, Apple released iOS 9.1. While the change in version number may not seem significant, it does bring several new features and improvements. Let's take a look.

If you use the default Apple keyboard and like to make heavy use of emojis, you'll find over 140 new ones to make use of, including one that might be considered explicit. These emojis will also work on the Apple Watch.

Focusing specifically on the newer 6S and 6S Plus models, the Live Photos feature has been significantly improved. In case you are unaware of how it works, you can snap photos and take a couple of seconds of video at the same time, essentially turning it into the equivalent of a GIF animation. The new improvements in iOS 9.1 addressing Live Photos means you can now stop recording/snapping when you raise or lower your phone, reducing the odds of grabbing pictures you didn't intend to.

Video editing enthusiasts using the iPad Air 2 or the iPad Pro will finally be able to edit 4K video on their device with the iOS 9.1 update, so be sure to update if you haven't already done so.

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