Turn Any Pen into a Stylus with StretchWrite October 21 2015

During last month's Apple product announcement, one of the new products the company highlighted was its Apple Pencil, a digital stylus designed to work with its then newly announced iPad Pro tablet.  Among its many features is the ability to determine pressure sensitivity, angle and its Bluetooth capabilities that allow it to communicate with the internal system as well as the iPad Pro's screen.  All of these new features come with the asking price of $100, which may seem excessive if you only use a stylus on occasion.  This is where the Felix StretchWrite comes in.

With the Felix StretchWrite, virtually any pen or pencil you happen to have lying around suddenly becomes a makeshift stylus.  The StretchWrite fits most standard pens and pencils and works with just about any modern tablet you might have.  Just insert the pen or pencil into the StretchWrite, flip it around and use the other end to jot down notes or make drawings on your existing iPad, your Kindle Fire or any of the Samsung Galaxy tablets.   StretchWrite provides comfort, and its rubber design ensures a firm grip when you're unleashing your creativity and sketching on your tablet.  You can choose from two different packs available in red-gray or blue-pink.  Both packages bring a pair of StretchWrites and cost $9.99.

The StretchWrite is only one of many different accessories sold by Felix.  We also sell iPhone cases and accessories such as our universal tablet stands.  Visit our website www.felixbrand.com for information on our other products or to order your StretchWrite today.