Follow Recipes and Watch Video Hands Free with the Felix TwoHands October 15 2015

Yesterday we showed you the Felix SmallHands, a flexible accessory designed for your smartphone that makes it much easier to watch video or use your phone hands free.  Although there are large phones out there like the recently released iPhone 6S Plus that provide plenty of screen real estate, watching an intense action sequence on your phone just isn't the same as watching it on a larger, high resolution tablet.  Thankfully, the Felix TwoHands is designed to provide the same convenience and flexibility for these larger devices.

Whether you use an iPad, Amazon Kindle, or a Galaxy Tab, the TwoHands will provide a secure grip on your device and since it's adjustable, you can decide what angle works best for watching the newest releases in portrait or landscape. Just like the SmallHands, the TwoHands is designed for portability.  Throw it in your bag and take it wherever you have some downtime and you'll never have to deal with the fatigue of holding on to your tablet for an extended period of time.  The TwoHands is available in six different colors: blue, green, pink, white, red, and black though availability may vary.  Add some style and personality to your existing tablet accessories!

The TwoHands is only one of many different accessories sold by Felix and it fits any tablet up to 10.5”.  We also sell iPhone cases and accessories such as our universal cell phone stands.  Visit our website for information on our other products or to order your TwoHands today.