Watch Video Hands-Free with the SmallHands October 13 2015

When you're watching videos on your phone, one of the more annoying things is having to constantly hold the phone up to watch at a comfortable angle.  The only other option you have is to purchase a case with a built-in kickstand, which adds unnecessary bulk to your phone.  What do you do when you're watching a movie and need both hands to do something else?  The SmallHands accessory might be the perfect solution.

Whether you're planning on watching a movie, video chatting, or maybe want to have both hands available to snap a selfie at a particular angle, the SmallHands accessory is designed to be the perfect stand.  It will stand comfortably on your desk, your kitchen table, or even those tiny airplane trays so you can kick back and see everything on your screen while having both of your hands available.  Intended to be used in both landscape or portrait mode, all you need to do is squeeze the lightweight SmallHands, clip it to your phone and then adjust to your desired angle.  Throw it in your pocket or bag and you'll always have this convenient stand available no matter where you go.  The SmallHands is available in five different colors and works with both iPhone and Android devices.

The SmallHands is only one of many different accessories sold by Felix.  We also sell iPhone cases and accessories such as our universal tablet stands.  Visit our website for information on our other products or to order your SmallHands today.