Felix MonkeyDo: The Ultimate Tablet Stand October 07 2015

Yesterday we showcased our highly versatile and flexible MonkeyOh accessory, designed to function as a phone stand while reducing the amount of cord clutter.  Today we'll be looking at another product that's geared towards that other mobile device you are probably carrying around in your bag: your tablet.  What do you do when you want to watch a movie or use your tablet without actually having to hold it?  This is where we think you'll appreciate our MonkeyDo product.

The majority of tablets like the iPad and the various Samsung Galaxy Tabs do not come with a built-in stand.  Usually, the only solution to this is to purchase a bulky case that doubles as a stand but adds unnecessary girth and heft.  The MonkeyDo not only functions as a stand, but it is also designed to be fully adjustable so you can watch a movie at the angle you find most comfortable or to edit a document using a stylus.  Just like the MonkeyOh, the MonkeyDo is designed to be functional yet fun, resembling a monkey with adjustable arms.  The accessory will sit firmly on virtually any surface, and it is intended to work with many different tablets, not just iPads and Galaxy Tabs.  If you have an eight or seven-inch tablet, the MonkeyDo can also hold these smaller devices in landscape.

The MonkeyDo is only one of many different accessories sold by Felix.  We also sell iPad covers and accessories such as our universal cell phone stands.  Visit our website www.felixbrand.com for information on our other products or to order your MonkeyDo today.