Reduce Cord Clutter with the Felix MonkeyOh October 07 2015

With any mobile device, you're probably going to have to deal with charging cables, unless you happen to use a wireless charger.  Whether you charge your device at home or carry around a charger in your bag, having multiple devices can quickly lead to the dreaded cord clutter, especially if you're using outlets are near each other.  We have a fun and multifunctional solution we think you'll enjoy.

The Felix MonkeyOh is designed to reduce the dreaded cord clutter and also functions as a stand.  Conceived in a fun shape that resembles an actual monkey sitting down, you can wrap your charging around the back of the MonkeyOh as its “backpack”, reducing excessive cord clutter and also reducing the odds of accidentally pulling the charging cord itself.  The MonkeyOh provides sturdiness so you can watch a video, chat with your friends through Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts, and its rubberized non-skid bottom means it won't topple over.  The arms are flexible to accommodate and “hug” phones of different sizes or those with cases on them.  Best of all, MonkeyOh works with many different phones regardless of whether you use an iPhone or Android device.  The MonkeyOh is available in four different color combinations: white-red, white-white, black-red, and black-black.

The MonkeyOh is only one of many different accessories sold by Felix.  We also sell iPad stands and covers and accessories as well as universal cell phone stands.  Visit our website for information on our other products or to order your MonkeyOh today.