Protect Your iPhone 6S with the HoldTight Case September 29 2015

The iPhone 6S and 6s Plus officially went on sale last week and iOS users are loving their new devices.  With the improvements in speed, the new 3D Touch technology, the new iOS 9 features, and a dramatically improved camera, these new models are the best iPhones yet.  Unfortunately, these new iPhones are also quite delicate, and the last thing you want to do is scratch or shatter your brand new phone.  We have a highly customizable solution we think you'll absolutely love.

Our HoldTight case is designed to be as unique as you are.  These cases can perfectly fit your iPhone 6S and protect it from scratches and the material provides a firm grip to reduce the risks of the phone slipping out of your hand.  One of the coolest features of our HoldTight iPhone cases is their customization.  The flexible bands can be easily re-configured to suit your needs, allowing you to easily hold accessories like your earbuds or perhaps keeping a firm grip on your ID and allowing you to keep your wallet at home.  The bands also provide a great way to use your phone with one hand.  These cases are available in more than seven different colors.  The optional expansion band packs can also provide further customization.

At Felix Brand we offer five different iPhone cases and accessories and we also sell accessories for other Apple products, like our iPad Mini cases.  Call 617-800-9754 for any questions or visit to see our products for other devices.