Reasons to Buy the iPhone 6S September 16 2015

As we reported last week, Apple announced several new iOS devices including the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and, most distinctively, the iPad Pro.  By now you're probably familiar with these devices and their new features.  In the case of the iPhones however, the changes are relatively modest as opposed to a reinvention, improving largely upon the 6 and 6 Plus internals.  This begs the question: is the new iPhone 6S worth your hard earned money?  Here are a few reasons why you may wish to upgrade.

The primary feature being touted in the iPhone 6S is 3D Touch.  This new technology can measure how much pressure is applied to your screen, allowing a greater range of interactivity and reducing the amount it takes to perform certain actions.  For example, a deep press on an app can bring up contextual options or be used to snap a quick selfie.

The iPhone 6S camera has also received improvements, boasting a new sensor chip that's designed to deliver more accurate colors and reduce noise in images.  If you've ever attempted to snap a photo in low light, you know that noise is a major issue, this new camera sensor makes progress in addressing this issue.

Each of the iPhone 'S' models have focused on boosting speed and overall phone performance, the iPhone 6S is no exception.  The new processor is over sixty percent faster and, per Apple, graphics have seen a ninety percent boost, which should come as welcome news to those of you who like to play graphically intensive iOS games.

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