Apple to Announce New iPhones and iPad September 09 2015

Today is an exciting day for iOS users and tech enthusiasts.  Apple is holding its annual fall event this afternoon at San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to announce a slew of new products, including new iPhones as well as a new iPad device and potentially a new Apple TV.  Rumors suggest the new iPhones are expected to build upon the existing iPhone 6 and its larger sibling the iPhone 6 Plus.

In keeping with its previous naming conventions, the new Apple devices are expected to be called the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.  Going by past events, these devices are usually refinements and improvements on the existing Apple products instead of the more substantial changes that come with the change in number (i.e.: iPhone 5 to iPhone 6) where the company makes larger changes to the inside and overall appearance.  The new iPhones are expected to have faster processors and additional memory as well as improvements to the already well-regarded camera.

For iPad users, Apple is expected to announce the iPad Pro, a larger 12-inch tablet with an included stylus aimed at enterprise users.  This iPad will have 32 gigabytes of storage and may be priced similarly to what its lower cost laptops typically go for.

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