All About the Camera Phone September 02 2015

Up until 2000, cameras were separate devices from a cell phone.  While there were digital cameras, the first one was sold in Japan in December 1989; the camera phone was not introduced until 2000, called the J-Phone model.  Interestingly this momentous event also happened in Japan.  A camera phone is a mobile phone that is also able to take photos and videos (although not all devices are able to record video).

In the beginning, most camera phones were more simplistic then digital cameras.  Previously, camera phones contained fixed-focus lenses and smaller sensors, which limited their ability to perform well in poor lighting.  Moreover, since the equipment did not contain physical shutters, some of them experienced shutter lag, and the flash, while available, usually underperformed.  However, since then, camera phones have significantly upgraded their features in even the most basic of gadgets.  Additionally, they lack most of the technological disadvantages their predecessor previously experienced and in addition to cost and convenience, having a camera phone allows individuals to possess the best of both worlds.  Users are able to conserve space as well as enjoy certain bonuses like geotagging, Bluetooth capabilities, and image stitching.  Also, a few of the higher end phones can use the touch screen to direct the camera to focus on a specific object.

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