Laptop Must Haves for School August 26 2015

It is the beginning of the school year and that means that kids must be prepared with all essential items to ensure that they have a successful time.  With so many schools, switching to a more technology-based curriculum it is becoming more and more important to make sure that children have the best devices available.  Felix, a company dedicated to designing technology-based accessories for a variety of devices, presents a few tips on what to look for when deciding to buy a laptop.

Tip #1: A high processor is a very important thing to remember to look for.  The lower the gigabytes on a processor the slower a computer will work, so it is best to get a computer with more power.  Intel and AMD’s latest processor chips will improve system performance, graphic processing and battery life significantly.

Tip #2: Screen resolution is another essential feature for a laptop.  When faced with what kind of laptop to purchase for the school year, it is best to go with a portable, durable screen size and resolution.  Commonly a maximum resolution of 1366x768 pixels is a great selection in addition to a more compact screen , thus ensuring that the device is a great selection for school-aged children.

Tip #3: One of the more obvious but still prominent choices to consider is battery life.  Most students will need to be able to use their laptop regardless of proximity to a wall plug, so it is imperative to choose a laptop that can last for at least 6 hours on a single charge.

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