Flashback Friday: A Look At Cell Phones From the Past August 21 2015

Nowadays, there are really only two contenders for best phone, that’s Apple, and Android based phones, but back in the day, there was a lot more competition.  Between the RAZR, Sidekick and BlackBerry Curve, consumers had a wide variety of options to choose from.  Below are a few old school cell phones that the staff at Felix kind of miss.

T-Mobile Sidekick - A wonderful combination of cool and useful, this phone was a must have for all people that wanted a QWERY keyboard.  Additionally, the rotation of the screen and trackball were awesome features that every teen and young adult went crazy for.

Motorola RAZR – This skinny, compact flip phone was considered the must have item when it was released.  The thin design of the phone and colored screen had every consumer rushing to buy one, and the unique colors the cases came in were incredibly trendy back then.

LG enV – Buyers who had this phone were the envy of everyone around them.  A smart phone that also received email, the LG enV was incredible for all of the young professionals just starting out.  Moreover, it also came in cool trendy colors that made the user feel “different and unique.”

Blackberry Curve – This classic used to give Apple a run for its money.  With a QWERTY keyboard, access to all email agents and instant messaging applications, this phone was one of the most popular devices to come out of the 2000s.

What cell phone from the 2000s was your most favorite?  The Felix Company, a stylish, customer friendly, affordable brand, brought this update to you.  To learn more about Felix’s vast assortment of iPad Stands, iPhone Covers, iPhone Cases, iPad Covers, and their generous shipping policy, contact 617-800-9754 or message us here.