The E-Reader and the Tablet July 29 2015

With the popularity of E-books rising, having an E-Book Reader or a tablet is now more important than ever.  However, there are some differences that everyone should be aware of.  Below is some information regarding e-readers and tablets for you to consider before purchasing either option.

E-Book Reader – This device is best for individuals who just want to read, as they are mainly used for downloading electronic books, magazines and newspapers.  A few of the features this gadget has is a non-glare screen, and a long battery life (usually between one to two months).  Also with this type of equipment you will be able to change the font size and style of the different books available and looking up definitions and making annotations are completed rather easily.  Another pro of this type of device is that your local library has many books that you can borrow for free.

Tablet – The tablet is a great deice for reading e-books, checking e-mail, browsing the Web, playing games, listening to music and watching videos.  With a color screen ranging from 7 to 12 inches, a thin design, and hundreds of thousands of apps, this device is perfect for people who are looking for just a little bit more versatility out of their mobile device.

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