Nifty Felix Products for the Samsung Galaxy July 06 2015

As one of the most popular and cutting-edge smartphones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy deserves the innovative and stylish accessories of Felix. If you want to get the most out of this popular and sleek smartphone, opt for our Galaxy Phone Stand, charger or Bluetooth keyboard – each as functional and minimalist as the last.
As with all our products, Felix accessories for the Galaxy are meticulously designed with both you and your phone in mind. That is why they feature smart designs in every detail and design element, and come available in a variety of colors to suit your unique style.
Consider the SmallHands stand, one of our most popular products. It epitomizes the Felix vision that more is less, offering a simple but utilitarian design that is both eye-pleasing and efficient – not to mention cute! Unlike your average Galaxy stand, you get portability, stability, and character all at once. Whether you are video chatting, watching movies, reading, or doing any number of other things, the SmallHands’ lightweight, sturdy, and flexible design can accommodate you.  
The MonkeyOh brings this same design ethos in a charger that conveniently holds your phone and neatly wraps your cord while also serving as a stand. Its flexible arms, sturdy feet, and rubber non-skid bottom ensure that your Galaxy phone is tightly protected but easily accessible. The cute and clever adapter “backpack” lets you easily keep track of your charger and avoid all that pesky clutter. You can video chat, watch movies, or do whatever else you want while the phone charges. You can even swivel your phone from landscape to portrait to suit your needs.
With Felix by your side, your hi-tech Samsung Galaxy is even more state-of-the-art. Remember that we offer free domestic shipping on orders of $24.99, as well as a 30-day, money-back guarantee without question – though we always welcome feedback! To learn more about Felix’s vast assortment of iPad Covers, stands, and more, contact 617-800-9754 or message us here.