Find Your Angle With Felix FlipStand June 19 2015

The FlipStand Mini, compatible with all three generations of iPad Mini, reflects Felix’s core principles of balancing form, function, and versatility in one nifty package. Inspired by the familiar form of a book, it is easy to use yet offers lots of intuitive features and functions, whether at home or on the go. FlipStand lets you enjoy all the goodness of an iPad Mini in a streamlined and tactile case.
Like the FlipBook for iPad, it features an innovative kickstand that makes finding the angle you need quick and easy. Whether you are watching movies, FaceTiming, reading, or typing, FlipStand is there to offer just the right support you need. A cutting-edge clip allows you to adjust the stand to one of 16 angles – no need to deal with trick folds or guess work! You can switch between landscape and portrait effortlessly, simply by sliding your iPad out, flipping it, and reposition.
Whether at the office or the bedroom, on an airplane or at a café, the FlipStand Mini stays true to Felix’s highest design principle: working seamlessly for your needs and lifestyles how and when you need it. No matter what you are doing, it will accommodate you accordingly. It is perfect for professionals, artists, readers, and anyone else that wants to get the most out of their mini tablet with the utmost minimal effort.
In addition to its functionality-enhancing features, FlipStand Mini provides solid protection. Just place your iPad face down into FlipStand, clip it securely, and the vulnerable glass is well-protected. Strategically placed magnets will even make sure your device stays off between usages, sparing you from unwittingly drained batteries.
Enjoy all this style in your choice in classic black-on-black finish or stylish tan-on-white finish. Either option will showcase your sleek iPad Mini while protecting it. If for any reason you are not satisfied, make use of our 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back return policy – though feedback is always welcomed!  To learn more about this and other iPad Covers, contact 617-800-9754 or message us here.