Check Out The Latest Stylish Accessories From Felix! June 10 2015

Felix is unrelenting when it comes to innovation. In the fast changing world of consumer technology, the needs and preferences of users is constantly shifting. That is why we are responsive to the latest trends and developments in the market, so that we can always offer the latest and greatest in aesthetics, versatility, and utility.

That is why we are proud to expand our family of iPad Covers, iPhone Cases, iPad Stands with three new offerings: HoldTight for iPhone 6, FlipWrite for iPad Air, and the WriteOn Bluetooth® Keyboard. Like all Felix Products, each of these accessories reflect the highest standard of quality and design sensibility on the market, offering the functional minimalist style you know and love.
The HoldTight for iPhone 6 is a design update on our popular iPhone wallet case. Like the rest of the HoldTight Line, it offers a unique design that blends fashion and function like nothing else on the market. Aside from offering solid protection in a cool case, the design is very customizable, with its built-in bands being available in a variety of colors and capable of being utilized in many different ways (use them to hold credit cards, cash, headphones, keys, or in any other way you wish – it is all up to you!)

FlipWrite for iPad Air 1 and 2 is also an update on a successful design. Building upon our top-selling FlipBook iPad case, it offers the full function of a keyboard in a sleek and utilitarian package. As one of the world’s thinnest iPad Air keyboard cases, it is an ideal companion to the sleek iPad Air. The ergonomic design, lightweight frame, and ten easily-adjustable angles make the FlipWrite highly versatile, whatever your lifestyle.  

And last but certainly not least is the WriteOn, one of the thinnest Bluetooth® keyboards you will ever find. With its ultra-thin and lightweight design, it is a must-have for travel or on-the-go usage. The well-spaced keys and iOS shortcuts offer a huge boost to productivity, whether you are typing on tablet, phone, or any other Bluetooth® enabled device. Bring out your inner writer like never before!
Felix is excited to be offering these great additions to our extensive family of fun and functional accessories. To learn more, call us at 617-800-9754.