The Future of Apple May Involve Booklamps August 16 2014, 0 Comments

At Felix, Pandora Radio can almost always be heard through our speakers. Why? Because it's simple. And it works.

From just one song suggestion, we've created some of our favorite playlist.  Sure, the variety is a bit limited, but Pandora's simple thumbs up or thumbs down feedback loop makes it ridiculously easy to create the equivalent of your very own radio station. Either you like the song, or you don't. From there, Pandora works its magic. 

Perhaps this is why we were so excited to hear about Booklamp being acquired by the good folks at Apple. Booklamp has been described as "The Pandora of Books". Enjoy a certain book or genre? Booklamp can help you to find other books that you might like, rather than forcing you to spend hours searching for your next nighttime read. Apple hasn't said how Booklamp will impact the future of Apple, but having just completed my summer time reading list, I'm hoping that it's quickly integrated into Apple's online bookstore, iBooks. Just think of all the time we'll save as Booklamp simplifies our book selection! 

In a complex and fast-paced world, we get excited about companies like this making our lives a little easier. At Felix, we try to do the same. We created FlipBook because we know what it's like to hold your iPad in the air while you read. And although we appreciate origami, we don't love having to practice it to try to get to the right reading angle. Just like Pandora and Booklamp, FlipBook is designed to make life a little bit easier. I know, it's just a case, but if you're going to use a case, shouldn't it make life a little bit better? 

Keep it simple.