Clips and holds with just one squeeze.

TwoHands hangs on tight to your iPad, tablet, or eReader. It's design allows you to perfectly position the angle for your device, while its slim profile easily fits into your bag for ultimate portability. Use it on any level surface (even some uneven ones) and enjoy.

Landscape or portrait.

TwoHands is designed to work with whatever orientation suits the moment. It easily opens up wide to allow for a stable hold in landscape or portrait with both small and large tablets.

Every angle.

TwoHands' clever design allows you to find the angle that best suits your needs. Be it avoiding glare from the sun, wanting an upright angle for movie viewing or a laid-back angle for swiping through your cookbook. Whatever your need, just slide the two hands up or down to find your angle. Because we don't make the rules. You do.

Every color (almost).

Add some personality to your tablet with our line-up of vibrant colors, or opt for a more subtle black or white. Whichever you select, it's sure to please.

Every tablet.

While it may not work with your old Game Boy, it should work with just about any modern tablet out there. If the maximum dimension of your tablet is 10.5" or less and it's 3/8" or thinner, TwoHands is for you.

Easy to use.

Simply squeeze, clip and adjust to the desired angle. What could be easier than that? 

Size L 2 3/4" x W 1" x H 7"
MaterialsAluminum, Plastic, Silicone
ColorGreen, Red, Blue, Pink, Black, White
CompatibilityFits all iPads (including the Mini) and most other tablets
Maximum opening size10.5"
Maximum tablet thickness3/8"